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Tough jobbers everywhere — Welcome to Tuff Duds!

Who the heck am I?

For those who follow my blog posts related to The Blue Collar Thinker and The Critic’s Critic, I’m known as The Extreme.tuff duds about me

But for you good folks out there looking for the right clothes for the right job, you can just call me Jace.

I’ve been doing the tuff stuff myself for most of my life, framin’ homes and scapin’ yards and drivin’ trucks.

Delivery trucks.

So, yeah, lots of lifting, lots of carrying, and lots of changing conditions.

Plenty of weather.

As you can reckon, I’ve seen it, done it, and wore it — in pretty much any situation you can figger.

And then some.

How can I help you?

I never did make it into one of those fancy sweater schools (although I did teach myself quite a bit on my own)…

But one school I attended most of my life and graduated from with honors was the School of Hard Knocks.

12 years in the trades (since 15), 21 years in warehouse and delivery logistics.

I even took a half a year to drive some real interesting folks around in a cab.

Every job had different demands on me physically, which meant I needed clothes every bit as tough as I had to be.

A lot of times for a lot of years, I wore whatever I could find…

More like, whatever I could afford.

I had no idea where to get the good stuff, let alone find the deals on the good stuff.

The Internet changed a lot of that, but my searches for the best duds and prices went on and on.

It wasn’t for quite some time until I had finally found for myself the best sites for the toughest, longest-lasting work clothes.

I’m talking clothes that could take the punishment while keeping me comfortable.

Warm in the winter, breathable in the summer.

And they did their part to keep me looking good, too.

Always important!

So, after all these years of grinding on a daily basis, I decided to help out anyone that was searching for the best clothes to get them through their own daily grinds.

My duds went through their paces, and I found out which ones were performers and which ones were merely posers.

Now, YOU get to benefit from all my hard-earned experience!

I’m only too happy to share my stories and suggestions when it comes to “what to wear to work.”

Being a bit of what they call a “clothes horse” kinda helped out a lot, too, since my many purchases gave me A LOT of outfits to try out in the greatest variety of situations and conditions.

Especially when it came to coats and jackets.clotheshorse proof tuff duds

I definitely had a coat and jacket problem!

But that only means I’ve got more to share with you!

And who doesn’t need great outerwear?


My Goal

Put simply, I want to see the backbone of the labor force dressed ruggedly, handsomely, and for the least amount of $$.

Let me get you in the finest work attire without all the hassle of trial and error, wondering what could hold up the best, and reading countless comments made by prissy people that usually have no business owning something called a chore coat.

I’ll be sharing some of my stories — many of them crazy and stranger than fiction — to give you all a good laugh, but also some good advice when it comes to choosin’ what will make up your daily “suit of armor.”

Everybody’s got different needs, that’s for darn sure.

Fortunately for you, I’ve experienced many of them.

And I’ve got the scars (and clothes!) to prove it.

more clothes tuff duds

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jace “The Extreme”


6 thoughts on “About Jace

  • Welcome to WA! Great job on this post. I think I know who your are now and I get it.
    Best of luck with your site.
    You already know with some good old hard work and focus on helping people on your site, you will have great success.
    Just remember to be patient and let your site take its course.

  • You have clearly deep insider experience within your niche. You also have a sense of humor that I’m sure your readers will enjoy just as much as I did reading this. I’m pumped to see what else you have in store.

    • Welcome, Remy! A lot of the clothes I recommend are actually excellent for wearing while biking. Duluth Trading Company often brags how their “fire-hose” cotton clothes can stand up to most anything. One biker told of how he was saved from serious road rash by their pants when he wiped out one day. Just a suggestion. Thanx for stopping in, even if by accident!

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