Mens Button Down Collar Shirts: On Your Back To Stay

We’ve all heard the expression, “I’d give the shirt off my back…” Well, here’s a few torso trappers of the mens button down collar shirts variety that you’ll never want to part with. Not while on the job, anyway. And since it’s still winter, I’ve included some flannel beasts and where to find them! DISCLOSURE: Links Read more about Mens Button Down Collar Shirts: On Your Back To Stay[…]

Shirt Storm: Mens Thermal Shirts

Shirts, sweaters, and coats — oh, my! This is where getting ready to head out for work in the cold gets complicated. So many layers! Where to start? For the purposes of continuing to construct our Winter Armor here at Tuff Duds, we will now focus on the bottom layer: Mens thermal Shirts. DISCLOSURE: Links in Read more about Shirt Storm: Mens Thermal Shirts[…]

Getting a Belt out of Mens Work Belts

When I was a kid, “getting the belt” was one of the most feared prospects for punishment (my folks were definitely Old School… probably because they were OLD to begin with — 47 and 44, back in 1968).  I’ll spare you the gory details.  I also promise to make this article a lot less scary Read more about Getting a Belt out of Mens Work Belts[…]

Movin’ On Up: Mens Winter Work Pants

Hello again, hardy folk!  Time for a little more workwear tuff love.  We’ve thus far got our feet ready for the cold:  Warm socks to ward off Jack Frost’s nippy ways, and rugged, weatherproof boots to kick Old Man Winter in the shins.  Now it’s time to move up to the legs.  That’s right:  We’re Read more about Movin’ On Up: Mens Winter Work Pants[…]