Checking Under the Hood: Mens Work Hoodies

A lotta folks complain nowadays about those dang Millennials: too impatient, too into their tech, too this-and-that. Well, I don’t want to go all “GET OFF MY LAWN!” on anyone… I just wanted to point out that whatever you think of them, they got one thing right: their love of the versatile hoodie. Anytime, anywhere — the hoodie is one of the best grab-and-run clothing items out there. So why not one for the job site? Are there specially-made mens work hoodies

Turns out, there are!

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Isn’t that Special!


A few folks in the stitchin’ biz have put some thought into what a working man needs to make it through the day, and then put that brainstorming into an all-time classic piece of layering (or even outer) apparel.

This really is a top-choice layer for the winter, in addition to pretty much every other season (including the occasional chilly summer night).

Not a fan of the hood?mens work hoodies tuff duds

There’s always the trusty pullover or sweatshirt as well — jacked-up for winter’s worst.

Now lets take a look at some of these rugged features, and how they help improve our layering system for cold-weather work. We’ll be going over another layer choice in my next post, but I decided to focus on these items first, seeing how crazy-popular they are with most dudes.

We all know hoodies are the king… so why not save them for last?

First up:

Something worth diving into!


Pull Over for Pullovers

For the purpose of creating distinctions between these categories of garments, I will lay out a couple signature details so that everyone understands what I mean when I say “pullover” versus your classic sweatshirt or hoodie which, like I said, we will get to shortly…

  • Something made of from a tightly-knit fabric (not woven like a sweater), either cotton or a “performance” blend
  • has a collar with a placket (henleys, quarter-zips)
  • may also have a collar that creates a “funnel” or “turtle” neck, for extra warmth
  • usually has additional features, like chest or hand warmer “kangaroo” pockets (the latter is often seen with anoraks)

anoraks mens work hoodies tuff duds

What I like the most about this type of layer is that the collar construction allows for better venting when stepping indoors out of the cold into a warm environment.

Conversely, pullovers typically provide better coverage of exposed areas — such as the neck and upper chest — when working outside in frigid conditions.

The extra pockets are also great for keeping cell phones handy and heard over wailing winds, or just to keep lip balm, eye drops, pens or pencils, and other necessary items where your gloved hands can easily reach them.

Quite a few of the “working dude” pullovers have slots for the writing tools already sewn into the side of the chest pockets.

All in all, one of the more versatile layers out there for you guys (like me) that don’t always want to feel “swallowed up” by a hood.

They also add a “means business” quotient to your daily winter work ensemble.


Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Then there’s the type of pullover that most would consider to be an “oldie, but a goodie:”

The sweatshirt.

We all know the classic style: Crew neck; ribbed cuffs and hem; solid color; brushed, fuzzy interior.billy joel the bridge album mens work hoodies tuff duds

Wearing one that was black along with faded jeans and dark Risky Business shades was made popular for a while by Billy Joel in the mid-Eighties, after his The Bridge album came out.

I would know: That was my look (for a couple years, anyway).

Speaking of Millennials…

Did you know they call Billy Joel “Dad Rock” now? Seriously?

Whatever happened to “timeless?” The same kids then go on to lecture US about how cool and trippy Pink Floyd is — as though they were the ones that just discovered the group! Inconsistency at its best.

But I’m not here to yell “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Remember that.

While you’re busy remembering stuff… do some of you dudes “of a certain age” recall how we used to cut off our sleeves on sweatshirts — to show off our guns to the ladies?

Then the cut fabric would curl up, with the brighter, fluffier inner material now showing outside.cut off sleeves on men mens work hoodies tuff duds

Made it look like we had just punched our entire arms through a giant silk weed was all.

Not quite the picture of manly manliness.

Also, not very sexy when you make a muscle but you’re freezing, so your bicep now looks like a freshly-plucked goose!

Or maybe that was just me.

I know some of you wild turkeys still go around looking like this…

Well… at least you’re warm.

Except for your guns, of course. But those are supposed to be cold, right?

Oh… not those guns.

Hope you saved the sleeves for the colder months!


Mens Work Hoodies: What’s Poppin’ on the Job

See, Millennials? I can speak your language!

Yeah… like it’s possible to stay “hip to that groove” more than a few minutes, with the way things change so fast these days. But I have come to like “Hey” as a greeting, and “Just sayin'” for, well, just sayin’.


But that’s not what I’m here to say. Remember that.

After all, it’s you younguns that re-popularized the hoodie to such an extent, its practically a clothing industry onto itself now! I suppose we should all give you dudes a big ‘thank you’ for that.

Every color and pattern you can think of, and screen-prints of favorite teams, movies, shows, video games, musicians, now even the latest most-popular memes — hoodies carry around as much advertising and come in as many choices as tee shirts once did.

Full zip or pullover, you’d be hard-pressed to not find more of these on folks than you can count any time you leave the house. They also look pretty dang cool with the hood draped over the collar of a leather or work jacket, I must admit.

Feels better on the back of the neck, too. leather jacket collars mens work hoodies tuff duds

With so much attention being spent on this one garment by the fashion industry, it has spilled over into the designing of rugged work gear, but that’s nothing to get your hood in a bunch about.

Cold weather warriors get to benefit from the latest details sewn into our duds from this “fashion trend,” so we’re all winners here — even us creaky Gen-Xers.

A few of the hoodie pros for the pros:

  • Three-piece hoods, for better coverage and structure
  • Cord adjusters, for enhanced visual control, and for keeping out drafts if along the hem
  • Warm hood interiors, such as fleece, flannel, or berber
  • Pockets inside and out, for carrying twice as much
  • Deep hand pockets that make for excellent glove storage when dashing in to fix another cup o’ joe
  • Tougher outer materials that are treated to shed snow and icy rain, such as canvas duck or nylon
  • Reinforced zippers (for full zips), with internal wind guards and bigger pulls for gloved hands
  • Extra cozy lining in the entire body and sleeves (so don’t cut them off!)
  • Lined collars that extend out from the hoods for added throat protection

Mens work hoodies come with some or all of these features, whether as a pullover or not. Little wonder that a lot of tundra-tamers like to make these their final layer in their winter work armor, especially if the hoodie comes fully insulated.

Where to find them?carhartt hoodies mens work hoodies tuff duds

Honestly? I doubt you need me to point out where to get a decent hoodie, pullover, or sweat shirt these days.

They’re everywhere!
Of course, for the tried-and-true work brand known to many, Carhartt is the label to look for, and can be found pretty much anywhere — on-line, in sporting goods stores, regular retailers, army & navy shops, or their own stores. Even garden equipment stores or places like Tractor Supply Company carry the line.

My job was to tell you good, hard-working folks what to look for when seeking out hoodies and whatnot, to make you dudes more detail-oriented for your own good. And I did that.



Reckon I did come here to say that after all.

I’m old.

clint eastwood gran torino mens work hoodies tuff duds

In all seriousness, I wish you all smart shopping out there.

Let me know what you thought of this article, if you’d be so kind, and share any hoodie or sweatshirt tales of your own in the comments section. Hope this helps ya pick a better winter work suit of armor for fending off those chills!

Next up: Sweaters that want to do more than just be your neighbor!

4 thoughts on “Checking Under the Hood: Mens Work Hoodies

  • Mens work hoodies. Love it. So me, and as far as a the whole millennial thing goes, hahaha, hit it right on the head. Its so true. Especially the whole small pants at the ankle thing. Gets me every time. This was a great post. Enjoyed the read 🙂


  • Jace,
    I have 5 different hoodies around the house. I have two in the garage. They are the best small coat that I have found that serves multiple temps outside. If it is really cold, I will wear a hoodie under my coat, this gives me something to put on my head if it starts to rain.
    Some of my hoodies have gloves that stay in the pockets so that I do not have to look for them when going out to work in the yard.
    Great information on what works for you.

    • Thanx for the read, John. My hoodies are everywhere, too! Like I said, quite the versatile article of clothing. Ironically, I rarely wear the hood — but it makes for a great pillow at nap time!

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