Go Long With the Carhartt Canyon Coat (Review)

Carhartt Canyon Coat Tuff Duds

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Construction: 12 oz. cotton sandstone duck (cotton), quilted mid weight lining (brushed polyester), quilted lining in sleeved (nylon), corduroy collar (w/ under-collar snaps for additional hood — not included), full zipper front with snap-down storm flap, side snaps, waist draw cord, rib-knit storm cuffs beneath outer open/reinforced cuffs, seven outer pockets and two interior pockets. Water repellent and wind resistant.

Sizing: S — 4XL in Regular, L — 3XL in Tall

Colors: Black, Frontier Brown

Price Range: $119.99 — $129.99 (on Carhartt’s site)

Fit: True to size for some, runs large for others (ordering one size smaller than usual is recommended)

Pros: Plenty of coverage from the elements; lots of pocket storage; designed for full range of motion

Cons: Pretty dang big; not warm enough for the coldest days; too much throat exposure

Recommended: Depends

carhartt canyon coat rear view tuff duds

Key Features:

This is the longest coat the Carhartt makes for men.

As you can see from the pic on the right, it’ll cover your caboose — no problem.

The snaps along the side run vertically, allowing the coat to be as loose as you need it when sitting in your vehicle, or riding an ATV or a horse. The draw-string waist keeps the drafts out, even with the side snaps undone, which is nice. This also helps create a better fit.

The pockets are all pretty roomy, and come as quite the variety pack: Flapped bellows pockets, hand warmers (that you don’t need to take your gloves off to fit into), open drop-ins, two zippered (one in, one out), and a big inner pocket with a Velcro tab to keep it sealed.

Typical of most coats and jackets by this clothier, the corduroy collar is soft where you need it (again the face and neck), but also stiff enough to stay flipped up against harsh winds without having to constantly readjust the positioning. Having the hood attachment option makes the coat even more versatile.

Worth Wearing?


I bought one of these late last summer in anticipation of the months to come. It is my go-to coat for snow blowing (which was done more often than I cared for this past winter).

As you probably already know from my articles, I’m a big layering guy, so I never felt the lack of insulation some have complained about.

The cord locks were both busted (broken spring mechanisms) on the first one I received, but I had zero problems with Carhartt’s return policy and process. My replacement was in my hands within a week.

The coat sneers at the wind and laughs at any precipitation (never wore it in a downpour, but nor do I plan to), and washing it just seems to make it go softer on me, not the elements. A run through the rinse cycle also helps with the “break-in” period, but it’s fairly comfy right out of the bag.

The side snaps that create flaps gives me all the protection of a long coat with the efficient mobility of a jacket. The bi-swing design at the back of the shoulders provides free-range of movement — perfect for reaching across the truck hood to knock snow off with the brush/broom.

My only complaints?

There definitely appears to be a bit of a sizing issue. Whereas I don’t feel too “lost in cloth” around the shoulders and chest, I do find the hand warmer pockets to be kinda too low for convenient use, forcing me to stick my paws in the flapped cargo pockets instead. When I’m sitting, it’s no problem, but that’s not usually when I want the hand warmers, since it means I’m probably already inside the vehicle or the house.

My other problem is with the storm flap snaps, which are difficult to get to click without forcing them with two hands — rarely ideal.

At 6’3″, coats tend to look better on me than hip-riding jackets, so at least I feel like I look good while wearing this coat, in spite of the pocket and storm flap issues.

Should you buy it?

 cowboys in carhartt canyon coat tuff duds

Short stacks beware: no matter what size you order — even small — this brute is pretty long, and you’re going to feel like you’re swimming in fabric, or peaking over the collar.

There are also plenty of coats from Carhartt that work just as hard as this one, so it might just prove to be a case of “less is more” for the majority of folks out there.

But if you really dig that “Western Duster” look like I do, this comes close enough without getting too in the way of any work that needs to be done while kneeling or squatting.

That’s not me in the pic, by the way, and I have proof that I’m not so handsome.

Just highlighting the idea of the Western look is all.

Where’s the Wares?


I got mine at a local Carhartt clothing shop.

Dick’s and Field & Stream are just down the road, and Tractor Supply Company is right across the street, but I prefer to help out the “little guy” and the “mom & pop” stores whenever I can.

Besides, the folks at the Carhartt store said the bigger places always send people to them anyway — they have a better selection!

Don’t feel like messin’ with crowds or traffic?

There’s always on-line dealers, like Amazon and plenty of others.

Just check out the links below and grab yourself a tall one like I did, or find whatever works best for YOU!

Just be sure to let me know how shopping went — or any tales you care to share about the coats you already own — by leaving your comments at the bottom of this page!

And if you haven’t read it already, don’t miss out on all the fun and infotainment that can be found in my article about coats (and jackets, and vests)!

Happy haberdashin’!


2 thoughts on “Go Long With the Carhartt Canyon Coat (Review)

  • I bought this coat a couple of years ago. I am a carpenter by trade, and while I found it to be an impractical coat for on-the-job use (I wear a toolbelt with pouches), it is an AWESOME coat for casual wear. I have absolutely zero fashion sense and find it easier to just wear work attire for every occasion. The only requirement for my coats is that is pass the winter cold test, which this one does as long as I have a hoodie on underneath. Great article.

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