March 10, 2018

Review: Carhartt Mens Thermal-lined Active Jacket (J131)

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Construction:  All cotton. 12 oz. cotton duck exterior; polyester thermal lining

Sizing:  S-2XL; Big & Tall sizes available 

Colors:  Black, dark navy, or Carhartt brown

Price Range:  $74.99 – $79.99

Fit:  Reported as 78% true to size

Pros:  Weather repellent, heavy-duty, adjustable fit, insulated, attached lined hood, plenty of pocket storage, washable

Cons:  Bulky, might require additional water repellent for heavier weather

Recommended:  Yes

Key Features Breakdown:

This is basically a hoodie on steroids for the working man stuck outdoors during the colder months.  It comes in several style/material variations (especially with the lining) and different insulation thicknesses, so you need to read the product descriptions carefully.

Twin hand warmer pockets in the front — lined (which is nice for the paws when not near a heater), and deep (great for holding gloves or tools).  Two interior pockets to keep the cell phone and work orders safe.

Full zipper front allows for easy on/off/venting.  Rib knit cuffs and waist are tight enough to keep out drafts, but not so tight they feel like handcuffs and belts.

NOTE:  Some folks have complained that this rib knit fabric pills very easily.  I felt this was worth a mention for the dudes out there that care a little more about fashion than function.

As for the hood itself, it’s sized pretty big to fit over hats (hard or otherwise), but can be adjusted with the cords.  When not in use, it lays flat and neat between your shoulders (the rigid duck material keeps it from bunching or flipping inside out, like regular hoodies).  Not a big fan of the hood myself, but I find wearing a ball cap underneath helps hold the extra head covering right where I want it without losing too much of my peripheral vision.

ALSO WORTH NOTING:  This is one of the few Carhartt items still made in the USA.  If that matters to you, then it definitely was worth pointing out, since I know a lotta fellahs out there were a little miffed to see “made in Mexico” on their collars in recent years.  The Amazon says this product is “imported,” but then again, it also says the price goes as high as $157.60 for some odd reason.  Again, if you’re concerned about just where your duds were made, then I would recommend doing a little investigating before ordering. work hoodie carhartt review active jacket tuff duds

Worth Wearing?

If you’re a big fan of hoodies, and you want to keep warm with a few less layers, than this would be the perfect choice for you.

Where’s the Wares?

Wanna buy it?

As you can see, it’s available on Amazon, or you can deal with Carhartt directly on their web site.  Lots of other outfitters and sporting goods stores (like Field & Stream, Tractor Supply Center) offer this line of clothing as well.

30 Days on all returns (free).

So Whatcha Think?

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